you could try here The Institute welcomes the nomination (including self-nomination) of prospective Board Members who are committed to the mission of the NG911 Institute and are prepared to dedicate themselves in the service of our organization.  We invite persons who are members of the Institute and and qualify for one of the positions to consider running for a Board position.

Eboli There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit.  You do not need to be a member of the Institute to submit a nomination, but you must be a current member of the Institute to be a nominee, vote in the election, and serve on the Board.

Bihār Becoming a member is easy and membership is free.

Please remember you MUST register at this site each year OR have voted in the immediate past election to be considered an active member of the Institute, and therefore eligible to vote and/or serve on the Board.

Open Seats for the 2021-2023 Term

Open Seats for the 2021-2023 Term

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Nomination Process

Nomination Process

If you are submitting a self-nomination, please renew your membership or become a member. Membership is free and easy -  rencontre libertine antony Sign-up Here

Fill out the Nomination form and Affidavit of Candidacy as best you can. Both forms must be completed and received no later than 11:59 PM (EDT) September 14, 2021.

Direct any questions to contactus@ng911institute.org.

Schedule/Deadlines (All 2021)

Schedule/Deadlines (All 2021)

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What You Need to Know About Serving on the Board of Directors

What You Need to Know About Serving on the Board of Directors

Achieving our mission requires leadership from our volunteer Board and Committees.  Building a strong Board requires that prospective Board members know the opportunities and expectations that come with service on this Board.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute is to assist the Congressional NextGen 911 Caucus by serving as a broad educational resource on issues important to the effective operation and advancement of NG911 services and systems. The overarching objective of the NG911 Institute is to advance the rapid implementation of NG911 in order to promote more effective emergency response, improve public safety, and advance national security interests. To this end, the Institute seeks to educate Congressional Members and staff on issues that may impact timely and effective NG911 implementation.  Our organization serves as a forum for policy discussions on critical 911 issues and also provides information and administrative support to Members of the Congressional NextGen 911 Caucus as they pursue their mission of improving and strengthening NG911 and emergency communications.


Board Members will have opportunities to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE and:

1) contribute on a national board to exercise governance, abide by fiduciary functions, and be active in carrying out the mission of the Institute;

2) become more fully informed on the various activities of the Institute, the Congressional NextGen 911 Caucus, other related and cooperating Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and the partners of the organization;

3) promote the NG911 Institute and the advancement of emergency services nationwide;

4) support an organization that works to educate the public and Congress on the issues facing emergency communications;

5) assist the Congressional NextGen 911 Caucus in their mission of advancing 911 services nationwide; and

6) recognize individuals for their heroism and leadership in the public safety field.


It is expected that Board Members will:

1) Prepare for, attend, and contribute to the monthly Board meetings (scheduled 60-minutes).

2) Board members who miss three consecutive Board meetings are subject to removal from the Board.

3) Board members who cease to be qualified for their Board seat (e.g., no longer employed, etc.) are removed from the Board by action of the Bylaws.

4) Much of the work of the Board is done by Committees comprised of a sub-set of Board Members.

a. Each Committee has a Chairperson who leads the Committee to its appointed duties or tasks.

b. Board Members are expected to serve on one or more Committees and to actively support the Committee’s agenda.

5) Upon appointment, a Board Member must sign a Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy concerning the fulfillment of the duties as a member of the Board, and otherwise fully comply with all Institute Bylaws, policies (including our Antitrust policy), and rules.

Terms of Office / Re-Election

The term for a member of the board is two (2) years.  Assuming continued or re-qualification for an industry segment, there is no Board re-election limit; however, you may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in any Officer position (ex., Chairman).

Voting Process 

All qualified candidates (who accept nomination or self-nominate) will be presented to the NG911 membership for election via the ballot.

1) Each NG911 Institute member (Voter) may cast one (1) vote for (assuming a candidate is on the ballot):

a. the candidate representing the same category the Voter belongs to (as noted by the Voter on his/her ballot);

b. one (1) vote for each Member at Large candidate.

c. if no candidate is on the ballot in the same category as the Voter, then the Voter can only vote for the Member at Large candidate(s).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – I am not a current member of the NG911 Institute but wish to run for a Board Position, can I?

A – No.  You must be a member of the NG911 Institute prior to the time that nominations deadline.  Becoming a member is easy and membership is free.

Q – Can I nominate myself to run for a Board Position?

A – Yes, anyone can make a nomination and you can nominate yourself.  You simply need to be a NG911 member, qualify for the category for which you are nominated, accurately complete the appropriate forms, and file them by the required deadline.

Q – Can I run for any Board Position?

A – No.  You can only run for a spot for which you qualify and that is accepting nominations this election cycle.  For example, if you work for a vendor- public safety, you could only be nominated in the categories of “Vendor – Public Safety” or “Member at Large”, but not both.

Q – How many Board Positions can I vote for?

A – Each NG911 member may vote for the candidates running in the category to which he/she also belongs to based upon the member’s registration with the Institute.  A member may also vote for each vacant “Member at Large” position.

Q – How does the NG911 Institute determine the categories for which I may vote and the company I am affiliated with?

A – All information is from your membership registration.  All cast votes are verified with the current membership roster.  When voting, NG9-1-1 Institute members must declare a “category” and provide occupation information.

Q – What happens if there are candidate qualification questions, in the event of a tie, or any other election question?

A – The Board of Directors is empowered in the Bylaws to resolve all ties and/or other qualification/election questions, and the decisions of the Board are final and non-appealable.

Q – Are the Board Members paid for service, travel, or expenses?

A – No.  This is a voluntary position and Board Members are not compensated for general board work, travel, or incidental expenses.  However, upon pre-approval by the Board or the Executive Director, and if the action is related to a Board duty, a Board Member may be reimbursed for an expense or limited travel.  This compensation is also subject to notice and rules of the Board member’s employer, and the Board member would be responsible for all applicable taxes, and to notify his/her employer of the compensation.