Every February the NG911 Institute hosts the Annual Honor Awards Reception where heroes and leaders in the 9-1-1 field are recognized and celebrated. Members of the Congressional NG9-1-1 Caucus and other Members of Congress and their staff, appointed federal officials and agency staff, members of the public safety community, public safety industry leaders, and members of the general public, are invited to attend.

The first 9-1-1 call was made in Haleyville, AL on February 16, 1968.  Nearly fifty years to the day of that call, the NG911 Institute will be celebrating the history of 9-1-1 and honoring the 9-1-1 professionals – past and present – who have saved so many lives in communities across the United States

The NG911 Institute’s 911 Annual Technology Showcase provides Members of Congress and their staff with valuable insights into the development of important 911 technologies and applications.

On the heels of the 15th Annual 911 Honor Awards and 50th Anniversary of 911 Celebration the night before, the 2018 911 Technology Showcase will provide presentations and demonstrations of consumer and NG911 technologies with an emphasis on how 911 has advanced since the early days of 911, how the 911 system of today works, and a glimpse into the future of 911 as the nation transitions to a fully IP-based Next Generation 911 system.

Come hear from leading technologists and government leaders and see firsthand how companies are working to enable the transition to NG911, improve the location of 911 calls, and provide enhanced access to 911 for consumers, all of which promises to transform emergency response in America.


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